Dune got his anime version

After several months waiting for its release, Dune finally hit theaters in some countries. This new film shows us Denis Villeneuve’s gaze on this famous story, which he hopes to completely surprise viewers. Recently, Posuka Demizu, the illustrator of the manga The Promised Neverland, shared an image of the universe built by the director in anime version. An illustration that garnered many positive comments, including from the filmmaker himself.

“There is something very special about using gravity as a dynamic way to improve drawing. I think it is very beautiful and poetic Dune Movie information  It is very significant for me that other artists can be inspired by my work and incorporate it into theirs. I consider it a beautiful gift “, Dennis Villeneuve himself commented on the illustration of Dune in anime version, according to the ScreenRant portal.

Without a doubt, the aesthetic that Arrakis has in the new adaptation of Dune by Denis Villeneuve, is one of the strongest points of the film starring Timothée Chalamet. Definitely, the famous filmmaker worked in every detail so that Frank Herbert’s universe returned to the big screen in the best way. Since he was a teenager, Denis had a dream of being able to adapt this famous novel, and he was finally able to fulfill it.

To fulfill Denis Villeneuve’s visions and ideas about Dune in his head, the film crew traveled around the world to find the perfect place to tell the story. In this way, several scenes were filmed in different areas, such as the Norwegian Sea, Abu Dhabi or the Valley of the Moon in Jordan. It was thus that the director managed to create an amazing world for the Atreides, Harkonnen and Fremen. Of course, the cast was also very important to him, and that is why he chose prominent figures from the film industry.

After so much waiting, Dune finally reached theaters in Spain and other European countries. To be more specific, its premiere was on September 17, more than a month before its landing on the big screen in the United States and China. At the moment, the film has already raised $ 75 million. But, for a second part to be confirmed and the director can begin work on it, Warner Bros is waiting to see how the film turns out in all parts of the world. If the collection is on their side, they will give the filmmaker the green light to continue with his work. It was recently revealed why the filmmaker and team decided to change the sex of an important character in the story. Discover it here.

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